Kodiak Island Fishing Lodges: Where To Stay On Kodiak Island

Welcome to Kodiak Island, the fishing hub of Alaska! Situated off the southern coast of Alaska, Kodiak Island is the melting pot of many ethnic groups from Filipinos to Hispanics. They came here to collect their share of the underwater fortune, the seafood. 

The salty waters off the coast and the freshwater of the Karluk River coalesce and create an extraordinary ecosystem of marine species that can live in both conditions. 

Hundreds of people visit the island from the US and overseas to catch Pacific Salmon, halibut, and crab. News flash, you can be one of those people! Yet, it is worth mentioning that fishing in Alaska and the freezing water of the Pacific Ocean might be new territory for some people. 


After calling Alaska home for many years, I can see why my arctic home is a big attraction. The most convenient way to go about that is to have experienced people to accompany you from Kodiak Island’s lodges with fishing charters. Luckily, the island has lovely lodges that excelled in fishing and many other outdoor activities. In this article, we will be talking about our top picks for the fishing lodges in Kodiak Island.

Olds River Inn

One of the most vital requirements of Kodiak Island’s fishing lodges is proximity to fishing spots. In that regard, Olds River Inn happens to be in one of the most generous locations on the island, being close to the island’s three major fishing spots.

Surrounded by the nature reserves on the island, the lodge is an excellent starting point. With the courageous charter tours, there is nothing that stops you from chasing wildlife.


Despite the promotion under the luxury cabins, the cabins at Olds River Inn have a quaint feeling that will make you feel like you are staying at a local’s house. Yet, all the amenities are right by your hands, with each room comprising queen beds, private bathrooms, full kitchens, outdoor decks with scenery, Tv, and Wi-Fi. 

Outside the rooms, you are only a few steps apart from the laundry room, free parking, and grocery stores at your service. Overall, you will take care of the fishes that you catch while they take care of everything else.


Perfect For

Fish gourmets, hikers, families with kids, pet owners (the lodge is pet-friendly), simply anyone who wants to escape from the chaos of the big cities.


As we mentioned earlier, Olds River Inn is within walking distance from excellent fishing spots. That includes two of the most important rivers on the island, Olds River and Pasagshak River. Although these rivers are only a few miles long, they feed into Lake Rose Tead, which is teeming with fresh-water salmon species, such as sockeye, pink, silver, and chum. 


The water level in the river fluctuates during the day. When it is at its minimum, that’s when a lot of the fishes spawning in the area become visible. Summertime is especially ideal for fishing around the rivers since the stream flowrate slows down to a minimum.

The other end of the Pasagshak river flows into Pasagshak Bay, which is abundant in Dolly Varden, shrimp, and crab. As for Olds River, Kalsin Creek is the draining point, where the rising tide in the bay brings in a lot of fishes from the Pacific Ocean.

The entire span of the rivers, including the Kalsin Bay and Pasagshak Bay, is under the administration of State Recreation Site to protect the distinct wildlife. When you lift your head from your fishing quest, your eyes will meet brown Kodiak Bears on the ground, and whales, dolphins, and seals in the water. 


Things To Do

  • The two rivers near Olds River Inn are excellent spots for fishing, particularly charter fishing, where you are going to hover over the spawning areas in a fishing charter.
  • More conventional methods, such as remote fishing and road system fishing, are also available.
  • Kodiak Island’s spectacular Tundra wildlife is not to be missed. You could either hop on a charter or a kayak to explore the island’s symbol, Kodiak Brown Bear. You will also have the privilege to view over 200 species of tundra birds.
  • To stimulate your intellect, you can visit the Alutiiq Museum dedicated to the Alutiiq branch of the Alaska Native People. Also, the Baranov Museum in a short driving distance is an exciting sight to find out about the Russian Occupation of Kodiak.

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Larsen Bay Lodge

When it comes to fishing and hunting, you have a higher chance of animal encounters in remote areas that are not easily accessible. Situated on one such spot on Kodiak Island, Larsen Bay Lodge is only accessible by charter flights from the town of Kodiak.  When you arrive, you will have the entire area spread by your feet, and with nobody else to compete against.

Aerial View of the Larsen Bay Lodge

The luxury lodges are designed to keep you relaxed and recharged for your fishing expeditions. Depending on your preference, you have the choice of staying at the main lodge with ensuite rooms, private beachfront cabins, and a larger Lighthouse Lodge containing four bedrooms.


In all lodge types, the latest technology is implemented for maximum joy. Larsen Bay Lodge takes pride in having one of the few mini-hydro electric plants on Kodiak Archipelago, which helps to provide consistent, waste-free, and noise-free power. 

Another remarkable element of the lodge is the variety of activities on site. The set of fishing poles right by the rooms are perfect for those who can’t get enough even after spending the entire day chasing fishes.  You will also have instant access to the sauna, hiking opportunities, guided tours, and workshops.

Perfect For

Fishing enthusiasts, those who won’t settle for small or midsize fish, hunters, large families, bird-watchers.



Nestled on a narrow fjord by Uyak Bay, Larsen Bay is one of the most picturesque locations on Kodak Island. It wasn’t on the frontline until the discovery of the fossils belonging to the native Aleut people. The excavations revealed a mass grave, where more than 700 natives were thought to be buried.

Being engulfed by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge makes Larsen Bay an ideal location for wildlife viewing, from the gigantic Kodiak Brown Bear to the eccentric marine life comprising sea lions, sea otters, seals, whales, and dolphins.

You will also notice a type of architecture unfamiliar to the rest of the US. Like most of Kodiak Island, Larsen Bay was also inhabited by Russians in the 18th century, and many Russian Orthodox churches from that era remained intact and in perfect harmony with the splendid landscape.

Larsen Bay Lodge

Things To Do

  • Fishing tours is conducted in the first-class luxury in Larsen Bay Lodge. While many lodges rely on external companies for charters, Larsen Bay Lodge has its floatplane, allowing much more accessible access to the fishing spots around the rivers.
  • Saltwater fishing also goes much more smoothly. Because of its sheltered location on Kodiak Island, Larsen Bay has a relatively mild climate free from rough waves, and heavy thunderstorms. If you are dreaming of taking pictures with large salmons and halibuts in your hands, Larsen Bay Lodge goes to extremes to make sure you accomplish that.
  • In Alaska, hunting is a common reason for visiting Kodiak Island, but that is not easy everywhere on the island. Larsen Bay has been blessed by the abundance of wildlife, especially Sitka Blacktail Deers and ducks.
  • The other activities include hiking, kayaking, and seafood cooking classes.

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Kodiak Sportsmen Lodge

When it comes to all-inclusive fishing and hunting experience, nothing can beat Kodiak Sportsmen Lodge, one of the best lodges on Kodiak Island. Situated near Old Harbor on Kodiak Island, Kodiak Sportsmen Lodge is close to lively marine life containing plenty of bait species and trophies. 


The lodge comprises six double rooms for couples or families, and four single rooms for solo hunters. Each room comes with a private bath, continuous Wi-Fi, spacious balconies, and regular maid service for extra hygiene. The spacious lounge and the restaurant with a traditional Alaskan menu provide opportunities for socializing.

The best part is, the fishing and hunting activities come in all-inclusive packages, including every single cost from transportation to taking photos with your trophy, so you don’t have to puzzle your brain with all the extra charges.

Perfect For

Small families, solo hunters, couples


The area around Kodiak Sportsmen Lodge boasts an eventful history. Before it became a primary fishing lodge, the venue served as a movie theater, a burger joint, a diner, a public pool, and a social gathering area ever since the 60s. It also received considerable damage in an earthquake in 1964, but it was reborn from its ashes with the help of the local community.

Going further back in time, Old Harbor is known to host the first Russian settlers arriving in Kodiak Island and Alaska in 1763, so it is no surprise to stumble upon Russian influences in the buildings, especially the churches.

The central location of the lodge allows you to easily reach downtown to discover lovely art galleries and historic sites. Fort Abercrombie is a nearby landmark location known as a war frontier during the WW2. The wildlife is also worth mentioning. The nature reserves around Old Harbour are abundant in brown bears, red foxes, beavers, buffalo, and mountain goats.


Things To Do

  • All-inclusive fishing packages include round trip charter flights between Kodiak City and the lodges, shuttle, meals, drinks, snacks, and, most importantly, the fishing activities. You can go fishing for up to eight hours per day, with baits, tackle, rods, reels, rubber boots, two boxes for fish processing, and fishing licenses- all at no extra charge. With so much privilege, no salmon or halibut can escape your boat.
  • All-inclusive deer hunting or brown bear hunts aim to help you get the most efficient hunting with maximum yield. You can either choose daily tours, or five-day tours, both of which include transportation between the lodge and Kodiak Island’s hunting areas, meals, snacks, harvesting the animals, and beverages to go alongside. With the lodge handling the side hassles for you, all you have to do is aim, exhale, and pull the trigger.
  • The lodge also organizes guided hikes to the nature reserves and historical sights around Old Harbor.

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