Everything You Should Know About Dhiggiri Island Resort [2023 Review]

Do you want to escape to paradise? Dhiggiri Island in the Maldives offers exactly this! This is a tiny island, surrounded by pearly white beaches, sparkling warm water, and the island’s own private reef. 

Dhiggiri Island Resort offers visitors a haven for a seriously peaceful and romantic escape. With luxurious water bungalows, access to completely unspoiled beaches and quality facilities, you just can’t help but slow down and relax here. 

Here is our guide on the best place to stay on Dhiggiri Island, and the kind of things that you can do while here. 

Dhiggiri, Maldives Resort: General Info

Dhiggiri Resort is only 90 minutes away from Male, Maldives’ capital island, by speedboat. Once you reach the island, you can enjoy a complete sense of escape and solitude. 

Island Size

What makes Dhiggiri such a unique destination is the small scale of the island. It’s not the kind of place you visit to keep busy and constantly on the go. However, if you want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a completely peaceful island holiday – then Dhiggiri is ideal.

Rooms and Amenities

The Dhiggiri Resort offers high-end accommodation and quality amenities. The rooms here consist of water bungalows that are built over the crystal clear ocean. This allows you to have your own little private swimming space over the stunning reef. Needless to say, these rooms offer spectacular views! 

There is an amazing spa at the resort for those that really want to decompress. The tranquil Maadigha Spa is the ultimate place to unwind and enjoy a harmonious treatment. 

There are two restaurants at Dhiggiri Resort – offering a choice of Italian and Maldivian cuisine. Besides the fact that the food here is utterly delicious, the views really make the whole experience special.

Resort Activities

You get to sit along the beachfront and take in sweeping ocean vistas amongst swaying palm trees. There is also a centrally located bar, offering the perfect place to sit back and relax. The bar features regular live music and more of those awesome ocean views. 

The entire resort has been newly remodeled, so everything is modern and fresh. This is the ultimate place to visit if you want to just escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful island retreat. Some of the top activities here include snorkeling, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and simply relaxing on a well-positioned sunbed.

Perfect For:

Dhiggiri Island Resort is the perfect place to visit for couples and honeymooners. This is a romantic destination with minimal interruptions from the tranquil atmosphere. Those that want to just soak up the beautiful Maldive beach surroundings will love this place. 

The island resort is also a great place for weddings, as it is a small and intimate destination. 

Dhiggiri Area Highlights

Dhiggiri Island is close to a large game fishing area, with five fishing islands within easy reach. Fulidhoo Island is the closest of these (a 30-minute boat ride away), and it is the perfect place for a day trip. 

The main highlights of this island resort are the sandy beaches and the reef brimming with marine life. Beyond this natural beauty, the island remains mostly untouched and natural. This is a place to escape to for some serious island relaxation. 

For those that want to explore more than what the resort has on offer, the use of a boat will be required.

Dhiggiri Island Resort - Maldives

Dhiggiri Island Resort: Best Things to do in Dhiggiri

The resort here basically has everything that visitors require for a relaxing, secluded stay. The main activities involve enjoying the beach, the ocean, and resort amenities. Those that want to do or see more, could enjoy some of these great activities near the island.

#1 Parasailing at Maafushi

Maafushi is a fun island within fairly easy reach of Dhiggiri. If you would like to get out and explore some more activities in the area, then this would be a great place to head to. Parasailing here is one of the most exciting things to do around Maafushi.

 Whether you go solo or double up with a partner, you will be able to experience a unique thrill over the water. Enjoy some of the most unbeatable panoramic views of the island and surrounding coastline, while you fly along over the water. This is always a highlight activity in the Maldives. 

#2 Whaleshark Tour

The Maldives is famous for many things, but its magnificent reefs and marine life is probably the best attraction. If you would like to witness some of the most incredible creatures under the sea up close, then consider taking this whale shark diving tour. 

Spend the day snorkeling with enormous gentle whale sharks – the world’s largest fish. Through this, you will also get to witness all kinds of other amazing marine life on the colorful island reefs. 

#3 Full Day Island Hopping Tour

Dhiggiri Island may be a truly beautiful place, but it’s always a great idea to see more of the spectacular islands in the region. This day trip from Maafushi allows you to explore a bunch of different destinations around here. 

You will get to stop at unspoiled beaches and enjoy some amazing snorkeling. This is the perfect way to see more of the area, islands, reefs and marine life on offer. 

Final Thoughts on a Maldive Dhiggiri Stay

If you are after the ultimate island getaway, then be sure to check into Dhiggiri Island Resort. Set on a scenic little island, this place has everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. This is a luxurious and laid-back escape for those that want to slow down, unwind, and appreciate the island life. 

With its quality facilities, amazing Maldive bungalows over the water, and serene beachfront setting, island living doesn’t get any better than this. You really couldn’t ask for more.

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